Creating a Water Garden With Stone or Paver Edging

If you plan to build a water garden with stone or paver edging it is important to provide a very secure foundation for the edging. Before excavating the pond tamp the surounding area thoroughly.

Water Garden With Stone Edging

You may want to add extra reinforcement, particularly if the sides of your fish pond are very steep or the ground loose and crumbly. You can do this by placing a cement collar around the perimeter of your pond before digging it out.

Slope pavers away from the pond - When laying the pavers, slope them slightly away from the pond. This will help to prevent runoff from entering the pond.

Allow the stone or paver to overhang the pond by an inch or two to mask the liner. Select larger stones for places where people may stand to reduce the potential for tipping.

For use with flexible pond liners, trim the liner back but no less than 6 inches. Apply mortor and set the stones.

For preformed pond liners be sure the weight of the stone rests on the surrounding area rather that the liner itself. If the main weight of the stone rests on the side of a preformed pond liner it can cause buckling.

If you are adding stone or pavers to a cement pond, add a few sheets of polythene over the surface before applying the mortor. This will prevent cracking that can occur due to different expansion and contraction rates between the pond cement and the edging.

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