Water Garden Waterfall

Wouldn't you like enhance your landscape with a water garden waterfall? Not only will a waterfall beautify your backyard pond, it will also serve to buffer noise pollution from nearby streets and businesses.

Water Garden Waterfall

Soil excavated from digging your pond can be used to build up a slope ideal for creating a small water course and waterfall. Depending on the area you are working in, you could even create multiple pools cascading into one another.

You will need a water garden pump to recirculate the water from your pond to the waterfall. Ideally, this should be a pump with an adjustible flow rate, so that you may control the flow of your waterfall.

The two most common methods of installing a waterfall are to use a pre-formed waterfall or to build a waterfall of natural stone over a flexible waterproof liner.

Pre-formed Waterfalls

Pre-formed waterfall liners make it easy to create an informal waterfall for your pond. They are readily available from a variety of suppliers and are realatively easy to install.

Flexible Liner Waterfalls

Using a liner constructed waterfall for your water garden gives you unlimited flexiblilty in size and design. Although a bit more complicated to install, this is probably the best method for larger applications.

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