Water Garden Liners for Your Pond

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There are three basic types of water garden liners you can use for your pond. The type you choose for your water garden should be based on your budget, skill level and pond location and accessibility.

A flexible pond liner is made from polythene, PVC or butyl. They have the advantage of being comparatively easy to install and economical. They can also be used in tight places and conform to the pond shape you choose. In addition, they come in many different sizes, making flexible liners one of the most versatile of pond liners.

Pre-formed pond liners are either molded plastics, such as polythene or fiberglass. Because of their rigidity, pre-formed liners are more durable than flexible liners. By nature of that rigidity, they are a bit more difficult to install.

Concrete lined ponds, if constructed well, provide the most durability. Unfortunately, this type of water garden is considerable more difficult than others to install. If you are sure you would like a concrete pond, you may want to consult a landscape contractor.

Choosing A Pond Liner


Flexible Liners

Pre-formed Liners



 Cheap to Moderate

Moderate to expensive Expensive


Poor to good,
depending on the
quality of the product used

Fair to good depending
on the quality of the
product used

Very Good

Skill Level

Fairly easy



Design Flexibility





Possible Possible Difficult

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