Water Garden Fountains

Add interest to your yard with a garden pond fountain.

Water Garden Founatain

At one time water garden fountains were just for formal landscapes. Today water fountains can be found in nearly any landscape design style.

Fountains can be part of a pond feature in your yard, or they can be stand alone fountains. In any case, an electrical supply and water pump will be necessary to force the water to flow through a fountain.

Pond Fountain When part of a garden pond, a water fountain not only provides visual interest and the sound of moving water, but also helps to aerate the pond. When adding a fountain to a pond, it can likely be incorporated into the filtration system.

A small submersible pump, placed at the center or deepest part of the pond, pulls water through a filter and then feeds it through a small hose to the fountain.

In this case consideration should be given to purchase a pond pump that will have adequate power to create the spray size you desire and that will provide a high enough flow rate to keep your pond clear.

Fountains are usually placed within a pond in the largest expanse of open water. Try to choose a fountain ornament that is in scale with the size of your pond.

Garden Founatain

Self contained garden fountains contain their own reservoirs and do not require a pond or bowl to be dug out to collect the water. If you want to have moving water in your yard, but don't want the hassle of pond maintenance, this may be a good option for you.

Self-contained water fountains are available in a vast array of sizes and styles. You can find them in a variety of materials, as well. The most common materials used are cast concrete or reconstituted stone. Other materials are bronze, carved stone, terra cotta and glass fiber.

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