Water Garden Fish

Water garden fish make a wonderful addition to nearly any pond. Goldfish and koi are the most common pond fish, but other fish such as golden orfe or fancy goldfish may be suitable depending on your climate and conditions.

Keeping pond fish can be tremendous fun. In my old pond I kept common goldfish and blue shubunkins (a variety of goldfish) and it was such a pleasure to go out each day and enjoy them.

Water Garden Koi

Most pond fish become used to humans and come to the surface when you are present. Children love to feed them and often sit mesmerized at the side of a garden pond.

It is important to prepare your pond before first introducing fish. You will want to be certain your fish are entering a healthy, balanced environment.

Choosing healthy fish will ensure a smooth transition to your back yard pond. Picking out healthy fish will also reduce the risk of introducing disease to your water garden.

Below is a list of some of the most common fish you could keep in your pond.

Goldfish Common Goldfish

The common goldfish is an excellent choice for your water garden. They are quite hardy and adapt easily to back yard ponds.

Most are a bright orange color, but there are other varieties. Comment and shubunkins have very interesting coloration and are nearly as hardy as common goldfish.

Pond Koi

Pond koi are a type of ornamental carp. They make wonderful pets. I highly recommend koi if your pond is large and your climate will allow.

Koi require a bit more care and considerably more room than goldfish, so be certain you can care for them before bringing them home.

Fancy Goldfish

These rather unique goldfish have shortened bodies and long, flowing tails and fins. They should only be kept outdoors if in a very temperate climate where low temperatures never fall below 55F.

Because of their delicate nature fancy goldfish are more prone to damage and infection than their hardier goldfish cousins. They also should be fed moistened food because their intestines are compressed in their shortened bodies.

Mosquito Fish

These tiny fish are not much to look at, but as their name implies, they can do a lot toward keeping mosquito larva under control. If you already have other water garden fish, you shouldn't need mosquito fish.

In many areas, where mosquitoes are a nuisance, mosquito fish are provided for free as part of local mosquito abatement programs.

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