Selecting Your Water Garden Features

Bridge Garden Water

Part of the planning process for building a backyard pond is choosing which water garden features to include.

When you design your water garden you may be tempted to include every feature imaginable. Try to refrain from adding too many features if you can. Don't worry; I won't blame you if you can't help yourself.

Water garden features are meant to compliment your pond, but should also please you. When you are planning your water garden list all the features you think you might like to include.

As your design comes together, start prioritizing those pond features that are most important to you. Then you need to consider which features will be suitable to your design, size, location, and how well they will work together.

For example, a water garden fountain and waterfall together in a small pond may seem too busy, but in a large pond this may well acceptable.

Just remember, the most important factor in selecting your garden's water features is to please your self.

Water garden waterfalls and streams are the perfect addition for a natural pond design. Although this may be a bit more complicated that a fountain, the attractiveness of a well built waterfall is worth the extra work.

Garden Water Wheel A garden water wheel is another pond feature you may want to install in your water garden. Although not suitable for every water garden design, this feature can be a wonderful addition for creating a quant cottage feel.

Water garden fountains compliment many garden landscapes. Fountains can be incorporated into an existing pond or can be a stand alone water feature themselves.

Garden pond lighting is a beautiful way to accent your water garden. Lighting your pond gives it a wonderful atmosphere and allows you to enjoy your pond into the evening hours.

Garden Pond Bridges make a wonderful enhancement in the right garden. Be careful, however, to be certain your pond size (and yard size) justify its addition.

Water garden ornaments and sculptures can be incorporated into nearly any water garden design. The key is to choose one that suits your design.

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