Water Garden Design

When creating a water feature for your home, one of the first considerations will be water garden design. Do you want a formal pond or a small water fountain?

From small to large, simple to complex, create the water garden that is right for you. If you live in a small apartment with only a balcony, you may want a small container water garden. Or maybe you live on acreage and have room for a large koi pond with a stream and waterfall.

The key to good design is to create a water feature that is not only built well, but that also blends in beautifully with the surrounding environment. Of course, it should also be pleasing to you!

Autunm Pond

Some design principals to keep in mind when choosing a design for your pond...

Scale - The size of your water feature should be of a size that is pleasing to the eye in relation to its surroundings.

Balance - Your water feature should be placed in a location that maintains a visual balance throughout your yard.

Form - The shape of your pond should reflect the over-all theme of the property. In other words a free form pond may look too whimsical in the middle of an otherwise formal garden.

Color & Texture - Choose building and landscaping materials such that the colors and textures are complimentary to each other and your property.

Informal water gardens reflect the natural style that is common to today's active lifestyle. If you like a water garden that blends naturally into the surrounding landscape this may be the pond design for you.

Semi-formal water garden design is a blend of formal and informal styles. This design style can even act as a bridge from an informal area of your landscape to a formal one.

Formal ponds are all about structure, balance and symmetry. Most common on grand estates and public places, formal ponds are not a frequent choice for most weekend gardeners.

Creating a beautiful water garden means blending your pond seamlessly into your existing landscape by transitioning from pond design to general landscape design. Making a smooth transition from water garden plants into regular landscape plants will result in a much more attractive landscape overall.

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