Installing a Preformed Pond Liner

Installing a preformed pond liner, while a bit more complicated than a flexible liner, is not that difficult. Because of the lack of flexibility of pre-formed liners, site preparation is especially important.

Good Support is a MustPre formed Liner Installation

Provide good support for your liner by digging a smooth, debris free hole. Protrusions or an uneven surface can result in damage to your liner.

Start by placing your liner in position and use stakes or some other means to transfer the outline onto the ground. For small ponds a template for this step could be created by using newspapers taped together.

Start DiggingPreformed Pond Liner Installation

Now begin digging the hole for your water garden. Make the hole slightly larger than the liner. Clear any stones or roots from the opening and compact the base.

Use sifted soil to form a layer on the base of the hole and level carefully. Compact firmly. Trial fit the pond liner and check for level.

If not level, remove the liner and add more sifted soil as needed. You could use small pebbles for this step, but sand should be avoided because of the potential for erosion.

Backfill With Sifted SoilPreformed Pond Liner Installation

Once the liner is level, fill the pond with a few inches of water to hold it in place. Now use your sifted soil to fill in any gaps around the edges of the liner.

You can then finish filling the pond and add whichever edging materials you prefer.

Pre formed pond liners can also be used for raised water gardens. If you use this option, be sure to purchase a high quality liner and provide support to the base and sides.

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