Which Pond Type Is Right For You?

Pond Edge

Large or small, raised or in ground, which pond type will you choose for your water garden? It's time to think about all the different options for what kind of water garden you will make.

Visit water garden stores and home improvement stores to get ideas. Many pond stores will have bulletin boards or portfolios showcasing their clients ponds. These photos can be a great source of inspiration to you.

Container Water Gardens

Container water gardens are an excellent choice for small spaces. You can use ceramic pots, water barrels or even plastic containers.

The type you choose depends on your personal taste and the style of the space where you will install it.

Flexible Pond Liners

Flexible liner ponds may be a good choice if you are creating a free form pond. They are also excellent for use if you are adding a stream bed and waterfall to your water garden.

Pre-formed Pond Liners

Pre-formed garden pond liners are wonderful for beginners and also a bit more durable that flexible pond liners. Of course, with increased durability, comes increase price. If you can find a shape you like and it is within your budget, a preformed pond liner is a good choice.

Concrete Ponds

Concrete ponds are by far the most expensive, but create a more durable pond than either flexible or preformed liners. The downside of concrete ponds is they are much more difficult to install and often require the services of a professional contractor.

More information on the three types of pond liners can be found on the Water Garden Liners page.

Raised water gardens typically make use of either preformed liners or concrete. This type of water garden is frequently use for formal designs.

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