Planning a Water Garden

Koi Pond

Planning a water garden is an integral part to its eventual success. Once you have chosen what pond features and design styles you like it is time to start the actual planning process.

You now need to determine how feasible your ideas are with regard to your yard and your budget. It is at this point when you will really nail down what you want for your water garden.

If you have chosen a water garden design that doesn't neccessarily work with the style of the rest of your yard, look for ways to tweek it so that you can transition smoothly from one style to another.

If you already have different landscaping styles in your yard, a water garden can act as bridge, gently trasitioning from one style to the other.

Choosing you pond size should probably depend heavily on the size of your yard. The relative size of your pond should be in proportion to your yard.

A very tiny water garden in the midst of a sprawling estate may look puny. Conversely, a large pond in a small space may overwhelm its surroundings. If your yard is very small you may even want to consider a container garden.

Pink Water Lily Pond placement can be a tough decision. If you find yourself pacing your yard trying to find the perfect spot, don't worry we all do that

A lot goes into choosing the placement of your water garden. Attention needs to be paid to underground utilities, accessibility, water supply, electrical supply, view and sun exposure.

You can use a garden hose or rope to outline you potential pond in various locations to get a sense of how it will look. Explore several options before choosing your final location.

Pond fish are a great addition to any water garden. If you want to have fish in your pond it is important to plan for them.

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