Oxygenators - Submerged Plants

Oxygenators or submerged plants help maintain a healthy pond environment. These easy to care for plants grow foliage below and sometimes on the surface of your water garden.

Submerged plants, sometimes called oxygenating grasses, are important to helping keep a well balanced pond. Although they do supply oxygen during the day, the biggest benefit to having oxygenators in your water garden is how effective they are at removing waste and nutrients from the water, which would otherwise result in algae growth.

Crowsfoot - Aquatic Pond Plant

These submerged aquatics also provide cover for your fish to hide from predators. The tiny eggs released during fish spawning often adhere to their foliage.

By maintaining a variety of submerged water garden plants, you will be well on your way to a heathy balanced pond.

Oxygentors are typically sold in bunches and can be purchased from pond stores and some nurseries. You can plnat them in shallow pots with heavy soil and top off with rocks or gravel. They roots easily and broken off pieces will even anchor themselves in whatever convenient pot is nearby.

A few varieties of oxygenortors to consider...

Anacharis - Water Pond Plant Anacharis - elodea canadensis or Canadian Pondweed A very common and vigorous plant, anacharis is an excellent oxygenator and very easy to maintain.

Anacharis is frequently used in indoor aquariums and can easily be found at pond supply stores and pet stores. If allowed to reach the surface it may produce tiny white flowers during warmer months.

Water Croswfoot - rannunculus spp. This is a long stemmed plant with tiny green leaves. It is another excellent oxygen producer which will often flower in early summer.

Elodea Crispa - lagarosiphon major Thi dark green plant is very similar in appearance to anacharis, although denser. It is also very easy to establish.

Starwort - callitriche spp. Starwort has bright green leaves that form rosettes when they reach the water surface. This plant will do well in hard water.

Milfoil - myriophyllum spp. This underwater aquatic pond plant has fine feathery leaves of green, brown and olive. It tolerates deep water once established and may produce small flower spikes above the water surface in early summer.

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