Informal Water Gardens

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Informal water gardens are an excellent choice for most homes today. Unless you live in a very formal home you should be able to use this style for your water garden.

This may be the water garden design for you if you find yourself wanting to "get away." The relaxed, natural setting of an informal pond is a soothing respite from a chaotic world.

An informal pond should blend seamlessly with its surrounding environment. Informal ponds tend to have loose free flowing shapes, the most popular of which are the kidney bean and figure eight shapes. I used a modified kidney bean shape when building my pond and was very pleased with the results.

If creating a larger water garden, you may want to consider creating a small island in the center. Informal water gardens lend themselves quite naturally to having an island. A simple boulder placed in the pond can serve this function.

Creating a horse shoe shaped water garden can give the look of an island without actually having one. One thing I like about islands in a pond is it provides the perfect opportunity to include a bridge.

Large Pond

When constructing an informal pond, the excavation materials (i.e. dirt) can be used to create a raised area, suitable for creating a terraced pool and/or waterfall. If you do this, be sure to pack any loose dirt and reinforce with rocks and boulders to prevent erosion.

Another feature that compliments an informal pond is the additon of a small stream that spills into the pond. This can also create an additional sound element if you are looking to mask street noise.

When choosing edging for your pond, look for natural stone, rocks or pebbles. Anther option is to mask the edge with plantings. If you do want the structure of a concrete edged pond, try to mask it so that your pond has a more natural feel.

Ideally, materials used in the construction of your water garden should be used elsewhere in your yard. Using your pond materials throughout your yard will help the natural appearance of your pond and also help with the balance and texture of your landscape.

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