A Garden Pond Bridge

For Your Water Garden

Have you ever considered adding a garden pond bridge to your landscape design? Although, not the best idea for every pond, a bridge for your water garden might compliment it beautifully.

Before adding a water garden bridge to your pond, there are some design considerations to keep in mind.

Garden Pond Bridge

  • Scale
  • When designing your pond bridge, you want to try to pay attention to the scale of your water garden and overall landscape. The size of your bridge should not be so large that it overwhelms the pond, nor should it be so small that it appears puny in its surroundings. Keep in mind that some ponds are simply too small for a bridge.

    For small spans a simple flat foot bridge should work. Larger spans may be able to support an arched bridge. The width should be wide enough to walk across safely, but still in keeping with the overall scale of the pond.

  • Style
  • Informal water gardens are best complimented by a flat slab or wood bridge, so as to blend naturally with the environment. An arched bridge may be a better choice for a semi-formal pond, while classic lines and handrails are more suited to formal pond designs.

  • Materials
  • Wood is the most popular material used in water garden pond bridge construction. It can be integrated into a natural landscape or painted for a more formal appearance. Compared to other materials it is inexpensive and easy to work with.

    Other materials include stone, iron, steel or concrete. Many of these are cost prohibitive, but can be beautiful in the right design. Stone slabs are commonly used in Japanese water gardens.

  • Position
  • Ideally your bridge should lead somewhere. It should be situated to either lead to another part of the landscape or to a good viewing area. A narrow spot in an irregularly shaped pond is often the most natural position to bridge garden water.

  • Construction
  • For safety considerations, it is important that bridges be of sturdy construction. You should most likely build concrete footings to support the weight of the bridge.

    You may want to hire a local handyman or crafts person to construct you bridge unless your design is very simple or you have a lot of construction experience.

    Another option is to purchase pre-made bridges from your local garden center. This is often a more economical way to go depending on your plans.

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