Formal Ponds

Formal Ponds

Formal ponds may not be for every home owner, but they certainly do make an impact when done right. If you are considering a formal design for your water garden, it is extremely important to plan for it to merge seamlessly into its environment.

Carefully study your existing yard and house design to determine whether a formal water garden will look like it belongs. If your yard just isn't suited to a formal pond, but you really want one, a semi formal design may be a good solution for you.

Typically formal water gardens are found in public places and large formal estates. Some homes however are suitable locations for formal water gardens.

Houses that are classical in design, with manicured lawns make excellent locations for formal desings. Also, some Mediterranean styled homes can support formal water garden designs.

A formal water garden should have clean simple lines and will usually be symmetrical, either bi-lateral, as in a rectangular or square pond, or radial as in a round pond. Some common shapes are rectangular, oblong, square, L-shaped (an exception to the symmetry rule), scalloped, and semi-circle.

Formal design also lends itself well to either raised or sunken construction. If planning a sunken pond, special consideration must be given to drainage.

If you are considering this as an option for your water garden design, you may want to consult a professional landscape designer to be certain that all drainage problems are taken into consideration.

Formal Water Garden Edging is usually a prominent feature in a formal pond and should compliment other materials in the landscape. The outline of the pond is the most important feature. The edging acts as a frame around this outline and, therefore, should not be covered with excessive plantings.

Because of this, ponds to have fewer plants. Choices for plantings around your pond should be uniform in size and shape and repeated at regular intervals. Pots and planters can be used to great effect in a formal garden.

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