Container Water Garden

A Good Option For Small Spaces

Adding a container water garden may be a great way to get started with water gardening. This is also a perfect option for small spaces and apartments or rentals.

Container gardening with water is a foolproof and inexpensive way to add a water feature to your yard. Place them in courtyards, tabletops, patios, garden paths and in any location you think would make a nice home for a tiny pond.

Container Water Garden

If it holds water it can be a water garden

A small water garden feature can be installed in a variety of different containers. It is important to choose a container that is water tight and sealed. It should also be able to withstand the elements in your area.

Another consideration is the structural integrity of your container. Water is very heavy and will create considerable outward force. Your container should be able to withstand this pressure.

There are many containers that are designed specifically for water gardening.

These might be ceramic pots or molded plastic containers. You can also use liners for non-water tight pots or containers you might want to use for a small water feature. Water sealer can also be used on porous clay containers to make them water tight.

Some common conatainers used for container water gardens are...

Half whiskey barrel
Old bath tubs
Watering toughs
Decorative ceramic pots
Hollowed out stones

Half whiskey barrel ponds are very popular with home gardeners. It is very easy to find a liner specifically for use with whiskey barrels. These also make a very nice size and can even support a few small goldfish.

Build a good foundationWater is heavy, about eight pounds per gallon, so you need to be sure your tub garden is properly supported. If making a table top garden, make sure it is not too heavy for the furniture it will be placed on.

Likewise, if you are making a larger water feature that rests on the ground, you may need to provide a solid base for it. Often times a simple layer of bricks or small slab of concrete will be sufficient to support your small garden pond.

Add a few plants

Place a few small plants in your container. Choosing plants with contrasting shapes and colors will add beauty and dimension to your water feature.

If your container is placed where it can be viewed from all sides, then your plants should be "in the round," with the tallest plant placed in the center and shorter plants ringing it.

Containers that are near a wall or fence and only view from one or a few angles should have the tallest plants located in the back of the feature. Smaller plants can be placed toward the front.

Use inverted pots or stacked bricks to raise the height of your plants if necessary.

A water fountain can add visual appeal

Even very small container gardens can incorporate a fountain. To do this you will need to purchase a small water pump and install it, so you will need to have access to a surge protected electrical outlet. Most small fountain pumps will come with a few different jet fittings for you to choose from.

Larger container ponds can even support fish

If you container water garden is 20 or so gallons you can consider adding a few small goldfish (Koi should never be kept in container gardens). If you do decide to include fish, it's best to us a pond pump to filter and aerate the water. You may also need to bring the fish to an indoor aquarium during winter months if your container is very exposed or the winters harsh in your area.

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