Building a Water Garden

Reflection Pond

There are several steps to building a water garden. Once you have chosen a site location, pond design and which features you would like, and then it's time to roll up your sleeves and dig in.

Well, don't dig just yet. First you need to check with your local utilities to be sure it is safe to dig. You don't want any shocking surprises.

Laying Out Your Pond

When laying out your pond, use a rope or garden hose and adjust until you are satisfied. You can also use landscaping paint to spray an outline or some baking flour placed in a plastic storage bag with a corner cut off will work also. Just sprinkle the flour along the outline you formed with the garden hose.

Ditch the Dirt

Make arrangements to dispose of the excavation materials. If your yard is large enough the extra soil can be used to create a berm or other garden feature. Also, if you plan to add a waterfall or stream bed, some of the excavated materials can be used for building up those surfaces.

Install Your Liner

Once your pond site is fully excavated it is time to prepare for which ever pond liner you have chosen to use. A description of the various pond liners can be found on the Pond Types page.

Installing a flexible pond liner for your water garden is probably the simplest and most common methods of building a pond.

Preformed pond liners are a durable, moderately priced option for creating your water garden.

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